Edamah provides technical services you can trust

It represents a summary of many long and accumulated experiences in various fields of information technology and systems development at various levels

Starting from programming and developing websites and ending with point-of-sale programs

Attention to the smallest details

Our services

What we offer

graphic design

Designing motion graphics advertisements, info graphics and promotional videos

web designing

Website development

Programming websites, educational platforms, and electronic stores

Software and application development

Specialized programs, points of sale, accounting, management, in addition to programs that suit all needs

consultation EDAMA

Technical consulting

Built on long experience in wide and different fields in the field of information technology

Graduation and research projects

Student projects, graduation projects, research and reports according to requirements and standards


Through various social and networking sites in accordance with the client’s plans and goals

Sustaining EDAMA

One address of excellence

Edamah Technical Solutions is the title of excellence and creativity, where the final and effective solutions that will meet your technical needs at various levels, we can help you and work with passion to find the solutions that suit you.

it services, POS

We will put extensive experience into serving your goals

Over more than twenty-five years, we have developed extensive experience in the world of technology and software development that makes us confident in the solutions we provide to our customers

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We strive tirelessly to gain the trust of our customers

We work continuously and passionately to gain the trust of our customers, which we consider to be the first incentive and the main driver of pioneering technical solutions that achieve the goals that the customer is aware of.

Continuous technical support

Innovative solutions

High quality

Renewed confidence

Precession in timing

They said about us

Medals we are proud of

Excellent effort and a very wonderful and simple program compared to the imaginary prices of other companies. I have benefited a lot from it, frankly. And what is better than this is the after-sales service, which is very, very special. May God give you wellness.

Basheer Mohammad Halloush


Excellent company, convenient and easy-to-use point-of-sale system, and best of all, after-sales service

Mohamed Nairoukh


Excellent group, their work is tidy, and they are honest and punctual. Special thanks to engineer Imad and the work team.


Omar Al-Nasser


Frankly speaking, I worked with the staff of Edamah. They were very sophisticated and reliable in their punctuality, to the point of being honest with their time by the second. I took the program and the following program was not available in all of the Middle East. They were programmed according to the requirements of my work……………………. I am proud of my country, such a strong company that excels in everything... Thank you

Âłi Âł-Šhawaheen