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The name of the Edamah Foundation was chosen with great care, as the name expresses a deep crystallization of the thought and vision for which the Foundation was founded. It is an idea that carries within it the continuation of good work, and an embodiment of professionalism in the field of information technology. Edamah Foundation believes that success is not a station at which we settle, but rather a passing station on the journey of creativity and development. For this reason, we always look forward to providing a helping hand to all companies and institutions, regardless of their size or status. At Edamah Foundation, we devote ourselves seriously to providing a full range of services with all professionalism at all stages of work. This reflects the long and accumulated experience of the founders in the fields of management and information technology, as we have worked with prominent global companies such as SAIC and Palintier for more than twenty years. We understand the importance of providing services with the highest level of quality and without placing any additional burden on the customer

Edamah Foundation and Project Management Philosophy

Edamah Foundation offers its products and services based on a solid previous experience base. These products and services varied from computer applications to providing high-level technical consultations for managing technical projects, through to programming and designing websites. In this field, we are keen to provide the details of each project that it manages to the client in the smallest detail. Work to stay informed of what is being accomplished according to previously agreed upon work programmes.

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At Edamah Foundation, we look forward with both ambition and optimism to provide a high level of technical services that contribute to raising the level of the local market in the field of information technology, which we consider a national duty to add a new building block in the building of this dear nation. We also consider it a fundamental duty that stems from a sincere affiliation to the land and people of this nation. Dear.

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Newroz News Agency As technical advisors to the agency.

Al-Najma Al-Dalil Tourism and Travel Company

Our mission

Providing our services with the highest level of craftsmanship, mastery and quality

At the lowest competitive prices

Our vision

Providing a large number of services that companies need,

To achieve our mission to implement our projects with professionalism and mastery, as well

Using the latest tools and resources it requires

Completing the work with the highest level of professionalism and professionalism

Our strategy

Providing a comprehensive series of technical and educational services

Of high quality in accordance with the highest international standards and contribution

In economic, social and cultural development at the level


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